Ruled Paper

People often think of Postscript as a file format, but it's really a programming language, ideal for producing various forms of ruled paper. The .ps files below were written by hand; the .pdf versions were then made using ps2pdf. It's all meant for A4 paper, but I haven't used any DSC in the Postscript.

Log-log Graph Paper

Cycles in abscissa
Cycles in ordinate2ps, pdf
3ps, pdfps, pdf
4ps, pdfps, pdf
6ps, pdf

Guidelines for Copperplate

These have the traditional 3:2:3 ratio for the ascender space, x-height, and descender space, along with the 55 degree slant. The thin-lined version is meant for writing on directly, for practice. The thick-lined version is meant to be able to show through another sheet of paper.

x-height /inThin linesThick lines
1/4ps, pdfps, pdf
1/6ps, pdfps, pdf