Supervisions: Handing in Work

Presenting work

Do the work on paper not larger than A4. Make sure that the pages are in the right order. Fix it together securely with a paperclip, staple or similar. Write your name on the front sheet. (If you have to form more than one bundle, write your name on the first page of each bundle.) Write "Work for Matthew Smith" on the front as well. Do not put the work into any kind of folder, envelope, or pouch.

If you prefer you can do the work in an exercise book, as long as it has your name and my name on the front.

You can hand in the work

You can use whichever option is more convenient, regardless of which college you belong to.

Easter Term 2024

Deadlines are given in the table below.

Day of supervisionLatest time for handing in work at...
SelwynTrinity Hall
Monday7pm Sunday6.45pm Sunday
Tuesday6.30pm Monday6.45pm Sunday
Wednesday6.30pm Tuesday6.45pm Tuesday
Thursday6.30pm Wednesday6.45pm Tuesday
Friday6.30pm Thursday6.45pm Thursday
Saturday6.30pm Friday6.45pm Thursday
Sunday6.30pm Saturday6.45pm Thursday

If you've missed the deadline, just bring the work with you to the supervision. Don't hand it in late. Don't submit any work electronically, unless your supervision is online due to covid or similar (except in the case of computational questions in Physics A, where you can e-mail me graphs if you are having trouble printing them out, or Python code if you are having trouble debugging it).

I may occasionally change the times above, but if I make any times earlier or remove any options I'll notify students in advance; I don't expect you to check this page regularly for updates.